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About Our Company

CyberForSec® was founded as a strategic spin-off from Massive Wisdom Group (MWG), Singapore, in 2019 by futurist Alvin Lam and a team of specialists with unique capabilities. It is the first organization in the world to use a Human-Technology-Business (HTB) approach in implementing a fully autonomous cyber defense system from years of research in MWG.

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What We Do

Working from home has become the new normal, but is your network secure enough to protect your company’s information? We provide the most valuable and creative Cyber Security Solutions with reliable service that meets all your needs! Let’s secure your asset today!

  • Website Security Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Security Assessment
  • Website Application Security Assessment

  • Antivirus Mobile Application
  • Advanced Home Firewall Protection

  • Education
  • Projects

  • Cyber Crime Awareness
  • Cyber Terrorism Defense
  • Consultation and Training

  • Webinars
  • Symposium

Our goal is to provide early detection of cyber attacks to your company and prevent financial losses from data breaches.

Why Choose Us

Our goal is to detect and prevent attacks to your company and business data! We offer full-spectrum cyber security services to protect your computer systems, networks, and personal information from malicious threats as well as problems that may arise in your devices. Our trusted solutions are supported by a comprehensive, modular suite of products that address a wide range of cyber security use cases.
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Secure User Data

We value your data privacy and will work on your case in a confidential setting.

Affordable Price

We provides you the most high-end services at a very reasonable price.

Most Credibility

We provides you with the most powerful and secure platform available.

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We understand your frustration and are happy to help you right away.

Fully Protection

With our corporate values, we protect your personal data and information.

Professional Team

We have professional team members with diverse skill sets and knowledge.

Trusted By Education & Industry Partners

Our Solutions & Focus Areas

As one of the Singapore Home & SMEs Cyber Security service providers, our goal is to provide a secure online environment and better customer experiences using the most advanced technology available globally. Our certified engineers and IT support personnel are highly experienced specialists who use the latest processing software and have decades of experience.

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Cyber Security Service - Popular

Website Application Security Assessment

The use of cloud computing and browser technology has transformed web applications and web services into a core element of a variety of business processes, making […]

mobile application security

Cyber Security Service

Mobile Application Security Assessment

The leakage of data through unsecured Wi-Fi networks, weak cryptography, or other vulnerabilities could make your mobile application a primary target for skilled […]

penetration testing

Cyber Security Service

Website Security Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment is a series of tests performed on a system for identifying system vulnerability. This is a security assessment to gain an understanding of vulnerabilities […]

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Pay the specified price given by our representatives using our recognized payment method.

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Please read our terms and conditions and privacy notice before authorizing our company to scan or access your device.

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Work in Progress

Our certified engineers will contact you and collect all the necessary data or information for your case. We will provide an estimated delivery date for the report.

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Report Delivery

We will produce the required reports for your case and provide you with recommendations or suggestions on how to tackle your problem.

CyberForSec Smart Firewall

Designed to protect home users who use the Internet to work from home or entertain leisure. Users can use CyberForSec® Smart Firewall to extend effective network protection to the remote workforce and secure their homes from cybercriminals. With more features than any other firewall and antivirus software available in the market, CyberForSec® Smart Firewall is a cost-effective security powerhouse that protects against malware, […]

Protect the privacy of your personal information and business data while ensuring data integrity.

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