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Hire a "Chief Information and Technology Executive Officer As-A-Service" for your Rapid Growth Success!

We help you to save cost and increase your profits! Digital transformation is a concept that has become so mainstream that it has morphed into somewhat of a catch-all, confusing at best and meaningless at worst. Although the phrase has a different value for each individual company, it ultimately marks a radical rethinking of how the organization wishes to use technology, processes, and people to evolve its business performance. Questions such as: “Do we start with implementing new technologies first?” or “What should we prepare before starting on digital transformation?” are some challenges and opportunities that enterprises face.

Our objective is to help the board and management team of the day to gain a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving digital transformation journey and the team can facilitate digital transformation in the business. This will also help the operation team to lay strong foundation in acquiring relevant and valuable skills to become a key member of the digital organization. The digital organization would potentially gain results in what I usually term as “AAA”, namely Automating teaching, Auto-service operation, and Acquisitions.

As the CITEO is also the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO usually means Chief Technology Officer, so there is dual meaning), we'll be harnessing organizational change to drive new growth. CTO is meant to see the whole picture and consider people, data, and infrastructure in a cross-functional way, hence ensuring a seamless transformation across the organisation. we’ll also be part of your Advisory Board to provide strategic leadership, guidelines, partnership, and practices.

Other Bonus Potential Holistic Transformation Contributions could include:

  • Strong Management & Board Profile, strategically beneficial for potential IPO

  • Business Frameworks Selection

  • M & A Advisory of potential Technological and/or Educational Companies.

My one and only goal will be to work with you and strategize a system that can take your business to the next level with insane profits. Thank you. Towards long-lasting partnership. On behalf of our team of CITEOs and supporting specialist units.