Cyber Security

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What is Cyber Security?

Have you ever wonder what is Cyber Security and why it is important to your organization? Cyber security or information technology security is the techniques of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or attacks that are aimed for exploitation. Network security includes activities to protect the usability, reliability, integrity and safety of the network.

Cyber Security Education, Training and Awareness

In an era when the digital transformation is rapid, cyber security training is becoming increasingly important in all industries. Increased reliance on IT services has created new vulnerabilities in the corporate world. 

Our training are tailored to meet the acute need in organizations to employ specialists to protect against the increasing number and threat to their assets against their information and reputation.

Penetration Testing also commonly known as pen test or ethical hacking is the practice of testing a computer, network, security framework or web application to find the security vulnerabilities that an attacker might exploit. The penetration test can be automated or performed manually with software applications. In either way, the method includes collecting information about the target before the test and identifying possible input points, trying to break down the system (either virtually or for real purposes) and reporting the results.

Cyber Threat Prevention

One of our main objectives is to prevent possible cyber threats from entering your server or application. Our systems have used a number of firewalls and encryption methods to ensure that sensitive data and malicious activities on your server are not lost. It is always better to avoid the cyber threat than to cure it. 

The volume and sophistication of modern attacks are growing rapidly. New malware strains have been designed to avoid traditional detection technologies and are often spread over targeted systems, zero-hour attacks. And these new malware variants appear faster and more than ever before — new ransomware variations are expected to be in the foreseeable future at a rate of over 200 per quarter alone. 

Advanced Threat Protection Firewall is designed for system leverages built-in security processors, which deliver better performance using advanced security services such as threat protection and SSL monitoring, as well as ultrasound latency to protect internal segments and critical mission environments.

An Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems is a network security prevention against the latest network intrusions and vulnerability exploits by detecting and blocking threats before the network traffic flows onto your server or applications. Vulnerability exploits generally take the form of malicious inputs to a target or service that are used by attackers to interrupt and control an application or machine. It helps to collect malicious source IP data from different network threatening sensors, co-operators, CERTs, MITRE and other global sources, who work to provide up-to-date information about threats from hostile sources.

SSL known as Secure Sockets Layer which is a trustworthy environment where potential customers feel confident in making purchases are one of the most important components of the online business. SSL is a standard technology for maintaining a secure Internet connection and safeguarding sensitive information sent between two systems, which prevents criminals from reading and modifies any information being transmitted, including any possible personal details such as credit card information.

Early Detection and Scanning

One of the key elements of web security is scanning and detection. We offer a complete solution for scanning from server to web application. We scan all your details for potential risks and vulnerabilities and provide a plan to solve your security problems.

For a complete security scanning, we provide both server and client-side scanning via the remote scanning with advance security credentials. These scanners are able to identify any potential threats or vulnerabilities such as backdoor, SQL injection, phishing pages, DDoS attack, man-in-the-middle attack and much more. When a potential threat is detected, an alert notification will be sent by our organization’s authorities.

Our team members will provide services and solution to any potential server / client system vulnerability. Frequent scanning of vulnerabilities is scheduled on your server to detect any potential vulnerability. As soon as you enter your network, our vulnerability management solution collects real-time data, detects new devices and vulnerabilities. There will be an operational risk score so that the task of security can be given priority.

Network Security Management

The most effective method of prevention is to block potential threats before they reach your web assets. We can filter and detect bad traffic and threat from the open Internet world through our Web Security solution. Our firewall solution blocks these threats right before entering your web assets.

A Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to exhaust the resources available to the targeted network, application, website or service to prevent genuine users from accessing it. Typically, attackers use multiple compromised or controlled sources to generate large volumes of packets or requests that eventually overwhelm the targeted system.

With several DDoS mitigating capabilities our layered security approach combines into one service. It protects Internet and API applications against network and application layers of the malicious traffic in order to maintain availability and performance while containing operating costs.

The Web Application Firewall (WAF) is differentiated from the regular firewall by filtering WAF contents, monitors, and blocks HTTP traffic to and from specific web applications which monitors, while the regular firewall acts as a security gateway between servers.

WAF protects your web assets against the common website vulnerabilities, including SQL injection attacks, cross-site forgery requests and cross-site scripting without modifying your current infrastructure settings.

The network traffic and security framework analysis was performed to record the signature pattern of all incoming Internet attack traffic and to analyses the attack pattern across all platforms for future prevention. In addition, our system will automatically update the signature pattern to complement DDoS protection and WAF solutions.

Web Development

A website tells many stories, It is able to narrate a company’s journey, giving the public information, services that are provided as well as setting the latest trends. All these require a interactive website that can capture the attention of the audiences. CyberForSec understands these values in a website which is why we are providing you with this wonderful service to enable you to tell your own story with your website!

With our Full Stack Web Development service, we will create the website of which you desire, from the layout of the website to the server side of developments, CyberForSec will enable your business to go digital without the hassle of developing your website. 

Cyber Threats Statistics

Organizations discovered the security breach by accident
Organizations discovered the security breaches within two or more years after an incident
Organizations that were unable to discover the security breaches