Cyber Forensics

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What is Cyber Forensics?

Computer forensics is the application of investigation and analysis techniques to gather and preserve evidence from a particular computing device in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law. The goal of computer forensics is to carry out a structured investigation while retaining a documented chain of evidence to find out precisely what happened and who was responsible for the computer device.

Data Recovery Services

If you are a user who is looking for a data recovery solution, contact our expert recovery team is the only best solution for you. Our data recovery specialist will take several careful steps to identify and attempt to retrieve possible data that may exist on your storage devices.

Most companies need to quickly and efficiently recover lost data and resume their daily operations. We provide a focused expertise for public and private sector customers with committed data recovery services to help customers and ensure the best possible recovery services when their computer system fails.

HDD may get corrupted for many reasons, some typical hard disk drive (HDD) failure include virus attack, damage to the water or flood, heat or fire damage, human error, natural calamities, power leakage and much more.

If your HDD has suffered physical damage, regeneration in a clean-room environment is the only option. Our expert team can provide rapid and secure remote data recovery or on-site recovery for other types of data loss scenarios.

Gigabyte of data, including files, calendars, contacts, text messages and more, can be on your phone. Our data recovery services recover all lost data from all mobile phone brands and models, and when the data value is of the utmost importance, we strongly recommend data recovery services for all commercial applications and consumers. We use advanced data recovery software and hardware to ensure that all recovered data are safe, secure and confident.

When your server fails or is missing data, we understand the urgency to recover your data and get you back up and running. Our engineering team is an expert on server failure data recovery. We have the capability to clone and retrieve data from small single disk servers and larger multiple drive systems. We work with our customers and equipment manufacturers to retrieve maximum data as soon as possible.

Instead of the usual hard disk drive (HDD), the SSD drive is used as a new technology, especially for laptops. SSD data recovery is the service needed if your Solid-State Drive (SSD) fails unexpectedly. Over time, SSD causes problems because of usage from the flash memory worn out. If your flash memory cannot function properly on the SSD, your documents and data may be corrupted or lost. We provide data recovery services and recover lost data from any SSD drive capacity, although SSD devices can be much more reliable than traditional spinning platter magnetic hard drives.

Digital Forensics & Investigation

Electronic evidence has become increasingly important through the overall use of computers and mobile electronic devices. Our specialists and consultants team can help law firms and corporations retrieve their valuable digital evidence and conduct forensic analysis to ensure that all essential evidence is available to support an investigation or a legal case. The most challenging technical tasks and investigations are demonstrated by their techniques and the ability of our specialists to adapt these skills.

Incidents such as fraud, misconduct and theft of data are the major problem for many Singapore MNCs and SMEs today. Such an infringement could harm not only financial losses but also legal liabilities and reputational damage. During the entire investigation process, we assist business owners by using some of the most effective digital forensic tools to help them discover the truth. We are specialized in fraud and corporate investigation to ensure that you have the results you need. Our team of investigators will look at specific details of the case and descend to the bottom of the truth without wasting time.

Investigating the case of unauthorized file deletion, data encryption and decryption, conflict of interests or abuse of company resources? Our certified digital forensic examiners can also support the preservation, examination and analysis of relevant evidence to support your investigation and/or litigation. To ensure the confidentially of our examination and the evidence integrity, we use accepted digital forensic tools and work on custodian copies of the acquired data.

Computer hackers are unauthorized users who have broken into computer systems, often installing dangerous malware without user knowledge, or stealing, modifying or destroying information. This makes computing the desired target of an adversary either to prevent legitimate data access or to encrypt and decrypt proprietary data. Our digital forensic experts might be able to reconstruct the digital crime scene and assist with the identification of gaps and loopholes in your systems.

Mobile devices can potentially contain a wide range of data and information related to user action based on their communication patterns. Data or information obtained from mobile devices is increasingly required as evidence in criminal investigations. The reliance on mobile devices by individuals for both personal and work is steadily increasing with improvements in mobile device capabilities and advanced technology. Our digital forensic specialists are able to assist with the preservation, examination, and analysis of both Google Android and Apple iOS mobile devices using specialized forensic tools.

Network forensics is capturing, recording and analyzing network packets to determine the source of security attacks on the network. It attempts to analyze network traffic data collected from different locations and networking devices, such as firewalls and IDS. Network forensics also detects the pattern of intrusion, which focuses on the attacker’s activity. Our experts in the forensics network can reconstruct the sequence of events and identify the causes of the problem, while preserving the integrity of evidence to pursue possible legal action.

Security Audit

The most accurate way to evaluate your organization’s security information is to examine how it stands against a cyber attack. We offer a full range of IT and cyber security assessment and management services, such as mobile application security assessment, vulnerability assessment, web application assessment, security audits and reviews, security design and architecture, security policy development and much more.

Data breaches through mobile applications are becoming increasingly common among cyber criminals, with an average data breach cost of approximately $3.86 million. The leakage of data through unsecured Wi-Fi networks, weak cryptography, or other vulnerabilities could make your mobile application a primary target for skilled attackers.

Mobile Application Security Assessment includes all threat vectors and vulnerabilities related to the mobile security applications. The audit includes application runtime analysis, traffic & encryption flaws, insecure storage, signature code, memory protection and exploitation testing of popular devices and platforms.

With more information being digitized, IT security involves confidentiality, integrity and availability, which are crucial to the daily operation of the organization. Our experts have been trained to provide customers with proactive and reactive digital forensic services when industry needs assistance or when an internal crisis occurs.

We provide a wide range of IT – related and cyber security assessment and management services including risk management, threat and vulnerability assessment, application and network penetration testing, business continuity plan, security audits, security frameworks, security design and architecture, and security policy formulation.

Almost all products cover critical enterprise data or sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, private social user data or business secrets. This protected information may be exposed to a malicious hacker with a major system or application fraud, resulting in financial damage, loss of reputation and disruption of business functions.

Vulnerability Assessment is a series of tests performed on a system for identifying system vulnerability. This is a security assessment to gain an understanding of vulnerabilities, thus identifying vulnerabilities and exposing them to security experts who can quantify them and prioritize them.

The use of cloud computing and browser technology has transformed web applications and web services into a core element of a variety of business processes, making them a lucrative target for the attacker. However, more than 70 percent of websites and web-based applications have vulnerabilities that could lead to theft of confidential enterprise data, credit cards, customer information and personal identifiable information.

Web Application Security Assessment is designed to continuously monitor, identify and protect website security against application vulnerabilities. It typically includes security protocols, security controls and regular assessments, along with secure firewalls, safe coding practices, vulnerability testing and the installation of protocols that ensure safe operation.