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Our goal is to detect and prevent attacks to your company or business data

We believe that every file and software poses a threat, and that there will be solutions to any problems that arise in your device. CyberForSec® Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions are designed to support our trusted solutions philosophy and are supported by a comprehensive, modular suite of products that address a wide range of cyber security use cases.

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About Our Company

CyberForSec® was founded as a strategic spin-off from Massive Wisdom Group (MWG), Singapore, in 2019 by futurist Alvin Lam and a team of specialists with unique capabilities. It is the first organization in the world to use a Human-Technology-Business (HTB) approach in implementing a fully autonomous cyber defense system from years of research in MWG.

Comprehensive Platforms to Power Critical Infrastructure Protection

CyberForSec® MetaDefender

A comprehensive cyber security platform designed to prevent and detect advanced cyber security threats across multiple data channels.

CyberForSec® MetaAccess

Confirm device compliance with security policies before accessing any cloud applications or local resources, while providing cross-enterprise visibility through a single pane of glass.

Popular CyberForSec® Cyber Security Services


SSL Data Encryption

SSL known as Secure Sockets Layer which is a trustworthy environment where potential customers feel confident in making purchases are one of the most […]


Vulnerability Scanning

Our team members will provide services and solution to any potential server / client system vulnerability. Frequent scanning of vulnerabilities is scheduled on […]


Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing also commonly known as pen test or ethical hacking is the practice of testing a computer, network, security framework or web application […]

A few things we’re great at

We’re delivering full-spectrum cyber security capabilities to enhance your computer systems, community intelligence and global security customers. Our organization is inspired by their missions and we’re dedicated to helping consumers and people around the world to protect their platforms, systems, networks and data by doing the following.



Computer Security Systems Enchantment, Hardening and Training Systems



Used Advance Technologies That Enable The Enchantment Cyber Security Operations



Outfitting Cyber Security with Latest Technologies for System Defensive Missions



Assist The Intelligence Community In The Collection And Dissemination Of Threats

End point

Antivirus Mobile Application

Are you looking for new antivirus software for your mobile devices? You’ve come to the right place with CyberForSec, and we can provide you with a threat-free environment while you surf the Internet. What are you waiting for? Find out more about us right now!

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