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Category: Growth Areas

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New Growth Area Number 1: Cyber Security

“With rapid technology advancement, the corporate field is now very dependent on technology, and they are using it increasingly to store confidential data and information. This global situation is also attracting cyber criminals who are interested to get access to these important information. Therefore, with the increase in the theft of data and information such…
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New Growth Area Number 2: Immersive Media

“There are numerous advancements in the field of immersive media. For instance, the Google Cardboard VR goggle can enable its user to explore 360-degree interactive environments on a smartphone. As technology progress, immersive media aims at creating 100 percent interactive environments similar to the real world. This needs numerous sensors to ensure more objects in…
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New Growth Area Number 3: IoT

“Internet of Things has grown out from the use of wireless technologies, through micro-electro–mechanical systems, and is providing micro-services to the internet today. Such development has reduced the space and time between operational technology and information technology and has made it possible to analyze unstructured machine-generated data for insights to drive developments. In recent years,…
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New Growth Area Number 4: Artificial Intelligence

“Artificial intelligence is the type of intelligence portrayed by machines. Sometimes artificial intelligence is known as machine intelligence. In most cases, machines demonstrate intelligence by performing outlined functions, which follow a particular thought process that is similar to the human thought process, who engage in natural intelligence” Source: http://massivewisdomgroup.com/what/consulting/artificial-intelligence/